Creating competitive advantages on a European scale


Web projects aiming at target groups in different European countries have one decisive flaw: The target groups´ expectations concerning contents, design and functions vary from country to country. Comparing a typical French website to a typical German one quickly reveals these differences.

The European Agency Network is a simple and powerful solution for companies believing that a European web project should be more than just a national website translated into five or six languages.

The European Agency Network – Who we are

The European Agency Network is a business network uniting companies specialising in website design, consulting, animation, marketing and legal consulting. The Network´s European cooperation allows us to create fundamental strategic advantages for our clients in a competitive European environment.

High-quality Services

The Network offers high-quality services and consulting joining top companies with vast experience in their respective field of competence.

Every member of the network has numerous years of experience in planning and programming web-projects for top clients from various lines of businesses.

New members have to prove their ability of maintaining these high standards required by the Network.


The Network was founded by Trafo2 GmbH, Essen, Germany in 2009. The first countries to join the Network in 2009 will be



In order to get more information please contact:

European Agency Network
c/o Trafo2 GmbH
Mr. Ansgar Fulland
Alfredstraße 356
45133 Essen

Fon: 0049 201 87849999
Fax: 0049 201 87849944

Impressum / Imprint

Conference 2009

Trafo2 GmbH, founder member of the European Agency Network invites all members to the annual European Agency Network Conference 2009.

The conference will be held September 18-19 2009 in Essen, Germany. For further details please .